Musto Foiling ThermoHOT Impact Wetsuit SMWT003


249.00 194.00

Approximately: 291.33$ - 226.98$

This neoprene Foiling ThermoHOT Impact Wetsuit has an elite 4mm neoprene construction (5mm insulation when you include the depth of the backer and face on the neoprene) for truly exceptional warmth in cold waters. The super-stretch of the fabric and a sleeveless design supplies unrestricted movement for manoeuvrability and versatility when worn with additional layers. Cutting-edge D3O® impact protection pads can be placed on integrated pockets on the side of the thighs, hips and shins (pads not included). This innovative impact protection maintains your fluidity of movement while flexing with you as you move but becomes rigid on impact to reduce safeguard you from injury.

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